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Team Associated RC10 Jammin Jay Style

Hello my friend! Welcome to my latest Neo Vintage-RC article! We have summer 2023 and here is my little recap from the last months this year.

Apart of the fact, we still have a war in Europe and we have the hottest summer since 125.000 years, my last few months were pretty good, regarding vintage racing. I had the chance to race the the Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2023 in the UK, wich was super amazing, I also was able to race 2 other vintage races this year. One was the Race Of Legends in Langenfeld/Germany and the other one was a true highlight, a race on the fantastic dirt track in Kinzigtal/Germany!

Race Of Legends 2023 in Langenfeld/Germany. It was hot!

Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2023 in the UK. Amazing event with even more amazing people.

Oldschool RC King Of Black Forrest/Germany. Racing on dirt!

My race results were mixed. The were several reasons, but the most important lesson is the lack of practice. Practice in general and practice with the old cars as well. This year I did not a single lap of practice. And to be honest, without some training and practice, you can not win a race!

My luck, that my expectations for great results were not too high. So my driving was not the greatest, but pretty solid. You feel it, if you have some fantastic single laps, but way too many driving errors. My cars ran all pretty well. And after all, I found, it is absolutely not important to win your class! The most fun came from enjoying driving your 30+ years old baby around the track, feel the car, feel the fun and talk with your old and new friends about the good old times when we were heroes :)

Some of us started their hobby, when the first Team Associated RC10 came out. I remember a race in Germany, when Tamiya Frogs were racing cars. At this race there was a guy who was one of the first who got a RC10 in Germany. I asked my friend, if he saw that golden car on the track there. The suspension is actually working! Of course this car won this race easily. I was 13 years old and maximum impressed.

Jay Halsey became IFMAR World Champion and the rest is history. The RC10 is probably the most iconic and the most successful RC Car ever made. The first modern racing buggy who sets the standards for all later models.

I personally owned and raced the RC10 in many different versions over the years. I also drove many different 2WD buggies, but the RC10 was always the fastest and strongest and most versatile car I ever driven.

The Jammin Jay Halsey livery is one of the most iconic ever. And it also looks good on the more modern Turbo Mirage body on my new RC10 racer project.

I have driven so many different 2WD buggies, but the stock variant RC10 seems to be the all-purpose weapon for vintage racing. This car has nearly zero modern parts. It could be straight from the year 1991 - apart the modern electronics and tires.

If you ask me, why I did not driven this car earlier on some vintage races, the answer is, it would be too easy for me. I know, that RC10 is super fast - even today it is maybe the fastest car in it´s class. So I spent my time to build and race much more complicated cars. Because the challenge to make them fast. The RC10 is already fast out of the kit.

So I build this one.

Craig Drescher at the Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2023 - wrenching the whole day on his RC10 to make it faster. Thanks for the nice chat and the soldering iron, Craig!

He used a carbon fibre tub chassis with a more heavy Lipo Stick pack and big bore shocks. It was great to see him driving the RC10 in his spectacular manner!

I am not a fan of big bore shocks on vintage Buggies. I think, it destroys the looks. So I stick with the small bore shocks forever.

As usual in all my vintage cars I use a LRP/Reedy combo. The Reedy 13.5T is not the latest, but still strong enough. And the LRP Flow X solid, strong and don´t need a programming card, or mobile phone app to adjust. Future proof!

I tailored the chassis a little bit - as usual. The dove tail rear and cut down sides are a trademark for me.

Nothing special at the shocks. I use 0.71 at the front and 1.32 at the rear. The shock towers are a little bit optimized and made from black fibre glass material.

Front end. I use 15 degrees c-hubs for a little less agressive steering on carpet tracks.

The rear shocks are a bit more angled than at the original RC10 rear shock tower.

The hyper low Lipo stick battery from LRP. Looks neat!

Futaba reciever and some weights on the right hand side to equalize the weight of the LRP speedo.

I put a serious Futaba Steering Servo into this chassis. Hudy aluminium servo arm - no servo saver.

I made a massive front brass weight of about 35 grams. Ball raced steering plate for less play and better response of steering.

JConcepts bell crank arms looking good!

Rear view.

The battery caps are shorter and lower to fit the ultra low LRP battery.

Rear suspension.

Without wheels. I opted the long wheels settings on the rear suspension mounts. Less wheelies and a less nervous handling on high grip tracks.

Yokomo rear wheel adapters are from No Coast RC (eBay). The Rear rims are from JC Racing in the UK.

The slipper is from the RC10 B4 car. With 2 slipper pads and a large spring, what makes it a bit better to adjust.

The RC10 Chassis in all it´s glory! I love the look and the feel of this car so much!

For sure I want to race this one at one of the upcoming races! The Vintage community is growing and our little group of old farts is becoming an group of good friends already. Thank you, guys! Can´t wait to see you again!

Now I will prepare the holidays vacation with my son for our 3 weeks Norway trip! Guys, don´t forget to spend much time as possible with your kids before they will leave your house!

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