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A life with RC Cars

Not a single day without RC Cars. 

Born in July 1971 in Hamburg/Germany. I started with RC Cars 1982. From this day on, I can´t remeber a single day, when I was not thinking about RC Cars. My racing carrier started 1984 and this really changed my life. I only wanted to spend as much time as possble to work and to race my cars! This was the reason to make an education as precision mechanic after school and it was the reason to study mechanical engineering many years later (after a lot of different jobs, like cycle-messenger, working in the medicine industry and as special effect specialist in a SFX company for movies and commercials). I started 2005 with my first RC Car Designs and opened my own Design Company: Revolution Design.

I worked for many companies, like Serpent, Team Durango, Axial, Kingstar, Arrowmax, Carisma Racing, Kyosho, RDRP and a lot of other big and small RC Car manufacturers. And I am still in business with ZooRacing.

Because I started so early in the golden years of RC, I virtually know every single RC Car from the past. What we call today vintage - back in time this was the latest  stuff money could buy. I build it, I modified it and I raced it!

With all this background knowledge I started some years ago to make my own collection of RC Cars. But with my personal twist for modern Vintage Racing. And with cars, that I owned - or wanted at that time back in the 80´s and 90´s.

I put a lot of time and effort in every single project car. With the help of my 3D CAD software I am able to re-engineer some parts and to optimize them a little bit to make them fit. But in generell my vintage models are made with the idea in mind, to tune them on the same way, as we could do it back in the days. Only with more modern and more elegant tools, like 3D printing and some CNC milling. I did the same stuff many years ago only with my hands.Go to the Projects section and enjoy reading my articles. I hope, I can inspire you to build, restore and race your own vintage buggy project! 

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