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Project: Neo Vintage Racing Ultima

Aktualisiert: 15. Feb.

Hello my fellow vintage friends! This time no word about our apocalyptic future, no word about war, politics, protests, midlife crisis, ignorance, big bellies, bald heads, flatfeet, back pain, or incontinence. Today we talk about the future of vintage racing!

To be more exact, the exciting future of Neo Vintage Racing - in short NVR!

Founded by 2 well known vintage guys, who finally found together to make the cool stuff for the ladies and gentlemen of vintage racing. The goal is to make products, to make your dusty oldschool buggy cooler, faster and nicer, than ever before!

NVR started at the beginning of the year 2024 - with first products for the Kyosho Ultima, Optima-line. Cool wheel adapters to race Yokomo rims on your Kyoshos! Longer front stub axles for the Ultima to increase the front width, optimized shock towers and other stuff to make your vintage ride faster.

The coolest product is the Kyosho Ultima long wheelbase chassis set. While you reading this words, you can hear the cnc milling machine screaming - exept you lost most of your hearing while standing too close to the loudspeaker box in your discothek by dancing to Guns n´ Roses, Tool, or Scooter back in the days.

ARQ Paint is responsible for this stunning paint job! And this car deserves a good looking body. The Kyosho Optima Pro body from Pengiun / UK is always the best choice!

The NVR Ultima LWB chassis set - made for 2 different servo / battery configurations. One is made for a stick lipo pack and transverse mounted servo. The other one is made for a shorty lipo battery and a longitudinal mounted servo.

I personally prefer a stick lipo battery, because I don´t need to put so much extra weight into the chassis.

The original Kyosho Ultima and even the JJ Ultima have a very short wheelbase. Plus, the kick-up of only 20 degree is not really perfect for modern tracks with high grip carpet, or Astro Turf. The NVR chassis has an increased wheelbase of 280mm and a 30 degree kick-up. This make the Ultima much easier to drive - by increasing the overall performance!

Front view. NVR also makes a shock tower set with optimized geometry for modern tracks and a lower wing position. You can see the wide spur of the Ultima. 8.0mm more width with the NVR Ultima long front axles.

4.0mm longer per side and made of steel. The NVR Ultima long axles.

The NVR Ultima shock set. Front and rear shock tower with 3 upper positions and the front body mount plate from same material. NVR use high quality carbon fibre material with unidirectional upper layers. It looks cool and is stronger!

Left side of the NVR Ultima. Enough space to allow a super clean layout for the electronics.

The material of the chassis plate is 3.5mm thick and very stiff.

The bottom of the NVR chassis.

Rear end with a Reedy Sonic P5 13.5 motor. Power! I installed a gear diff, because the original ball diff stripped after some laps. Very disappointing. I use 20.000wt gear diff silicone oil. This makes the car more stable in the corners.

It looks good and it is super fast!

Front end. As always, I use Xray T4 ball cups and T-Works titanium ball studs with Lunsford titanium turnbuckles. A very solid combination.

The Chimera Model Sport aluminium front bulkhead is doing a solid job. Roll bars all around are a must for racing. You see the home made front bumper made from Kydex.

Rear end. I use the Team Associated Rc10 5 1/2 inch rear wing from Penguin / UK. Again, I bought another LRP Flow X speedo. Number 16 in my fleet.

The Ultima is so clean, because all parts are on the right place.

I ran the whole 2023 vintage racing season with the JConcepts Fuzz Bite tires and I am still very happy with the performance!

NVR´s latest stuff: Carpet saver shock cap for Kyosho gold shocks. Just klick-on and you are ready to go!

Car without shoes. The new NVR Yokomo wheel adapters front and rear.

NVR Front Yokomo adapters.

And the NVR rear adapters. They work on 4WD´s on the front as well.

A closer look.

Where to get those Yokomo rims? You need Yokomo deep dish rims, what are made from JC Racing / UK. Tamico in Europe mainland also carries them since a while.

My product of the year: Schumacher vintage spring sets!

Finally some small bore springs, what really fits perfectly modern vintage racing cars and track. Small steps between the springs and a great range from soft to hard. Get those springs, guys! Remove your ugly big bore shocks and take this springs for the original shocks!

NVR also makes cool decals!

The perfection

The NVR Ultima movie

While Neo Vintage Racing is working hard behind the scenes, you already can purchase most parts from this article. Just go on the Neo Vintage Racing Facebook page and send a message. The future will be an own webshop and dealers around the world to make it easier for you to get your parts. The Ultima LWB chassis set will come around end of march 2024. Time to get an Ultima and play with us!

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