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Project: Kyosho Triumph Dark Masami

It´s about time to dive into another reality, another universe, or maybe into another simulation. Because I know, you like it!

The reality in where we live, seems to be more and more stupid. Not, that one war is not enough, we started another war to make things even more complicated. Apart of all the massive problems we face, people start slowly loosing their mind everywhere. People believe the craziest conspiration theories, nationalism, science deniers and other fanatics all around the planet. Even familiy members and friends lost their stable path, what we called common sense. What a bad coded simulation is this, my friends?!

But enough of negative words! We start in the year 1992 on Earth C-132, where Boris Becker stopped playing Tennis and started RC Car Racing, the USA voted President Eastwood, Whitney Houston broke all 3 legs on stage and scientists claims, in 30 years, humans will solve all political, social and economy problems! What could possibly go wrong?

1992 was also a year of changes. Masami Hirosaka, the multiple IFMAR World Champion switched from Yokomo to Kyosho! In the same year, Brian Kinwald switched to Schumacher Racing to join Boris Becker and Jürgen Lautenbach was disqualified at the Euros, because his illegal brain implant for the traction control of his car. What a amazing year!

To celebrate the switch to Kyosho, Masami showed his famous paint in a grey and dark tone, instead of his iconic green on his Triumph (painted by Attack RC). And we all know, the Triumph was his biggest triumph!

The Kyosho Triumph: a truly well designed and innovative buggy!

Instead of the original body, Masami rocks a Kyosho Optima Pro body.

The Triumph has very long legs! on both ends.

There are standard short Kyosho front shocks at the front, instead of the medium lenght kit shocks installed.

Rear end shows the cutted motor guard to get some space for the motor soldering tabs on modern BL motors.

The car is equipped with JC Racing Yokomo deep dish rims on Neo Vintage Racing wheel adapters. The tires are JConcepts Fuzz Bite, what are my favorite carpet tires at the moment! Oh, it seems we are back in time. It is sad, i know, but otherwise i can not tell you the full story of this build.

As many projects, it started all on paper.

Taking dimension and testing things before I make 3D CAD drawings.

What make this project extra-special, I got a prototype Triumph gear box with gear! Not the belt drive! It also features a new slipper unit, simillar to the stealth transmission.

Left gears, right belt

A look inside the gear box. We see the prototype gears. The gear box is original, but with holes for the axle of the mid idler gear. Simple!

Idler gear with slipper plate.

Gear box before restauration. Watch the RW Racing 64dp Tufnol spur gear!

After restauration. I installed the original Triumph/Lazer 48dp spur gear.

I redesigned the whole chassis and shock towers, because the original stuff missed some fine tuning. A sign, that Kyosho was in hurry on the last meters before production.

I changed the battery holder design to fit modern Lipo batteries.

As all my vintage racers, the Triumph recieved a LRP Flow-X/Reedy Sonic combo.

The steering unit with a Highest RC LP Servo. Lunsford titanium turnbuckles for the win!

The original Triumph has a terrible steering geometry. So I made some changes and made a new steering plate for neutral bump steer and better Ackermann.

The make the fron stronger and a bit heavier, I use the Manobet front bulkhead from aluminium. I also made a front roll bar.

The Neo Vintage Racing front hubs for Yokomo rims. The cool thing is, that you can turn the hub by 180 degree to change off set. So you can adjust the front spur by +/-2mm per side. The Triumph has already a very wide spur, so used the narrow adjustment.

Rear end with roll bar.

The Team Associated 5 1/2 inch wing with Yokomo wing mounts.

A foam block behind the battery to adjust weight distribution.

Without wheels

It looks clean and neat.

The NVR front Yokomo adapter. All ball cups are from Xray T4. Ball studs are from T-Works.

Rear hub

How it works. I use Xray T4 wheel hex adapters for all my Kyosho cars, because you get them in different off sets. So you can adjust the total width a little bit.

That´s it! I will try to test this car very soon to make it ready for the upcoming Oldschool RC Euro Master 2024 in the UK! The best possible reality for one weekend!

BTW: This is my original Triumph I raced back in the days. As you can see, I made some modification on that car. And if I am brutally honest, it was a terrible season with this terrible car. The handling was a nighmare, no matter, what you did with setup. The RC10´s were so much faster!

But last year, there was a super quick Triumph on the Euro Masters 2023 from Karl Marsden. He was one of the quickest there. Time has changed. Tracks has changed. So all needs a second chance, isn´t it?

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Jan 20

Lieber Michael,

es ist einfach unglaublich, was Du da immer wieder "erschaffst"... DANKE 🙏

Das sind bei Weitem nicht nur all die faszinierenden Modellbau & RC-Racing technischen Feinheiten Deiner Projekte.

Mich erfreuen mindestens genauso, wahrscheinlich sogar noch mehr, all Deine, ein Thema begleitenden Extras und Dein stimmiges Drumherum, was Du überaus faszinierend präsentierst....



Thorsten 🌞

Jan 22
Replying to

Danke für die lieben Worte, Thorsten! Das freut mich sehr!

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