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Project: Team Associated RC10

My first 2WD racing buggy was a Team Associated TQ10 with a graphite chassis plate. This was an awesome car, what I really loved. I made some little changes on the chassis to fit my saddle pack batteries and to improve other things - long shocks at the front for example - what was pretty popular back in the days. I drove many races with it with some good results. The results was so good, that I became Kyosho team driver for the next seasons, where I had the painful chance to drive the Kyosho Triumph and the Lazer. Especially the Triumph was terrible to drive on dirt tracks. While all the RC10 drivers drove circles around me, I was fighting to keep that car together. And I wished my RC10 back so hard. Ha!

Anyway, I started restoration of RC10´s many years ago, when the word vintage was not as popular as today. I restored a fleet of many different RC10 cars. But this project is the Neo Vintage thing.

The RC10 Worlds Car - with a little different touch.

We come later to the details. Enjoy the pictures!

The Turbo Mirage body with a sort of Masami Hirosaka paint, what he used in his last Off Road Races before his retirement.

The body sits a bit lower than usual.

I like the green!

Front view. Front shocks are from the RC10T.

Keil ist Geil! Reedy Titanium 13x3T in the rear. Notice the rear sway bar.

The RC10 witout body. Cut down chassis and some silver edge bling.

I made some new shock towers with optimized geometry and to allow the body to be slammed.

Rear view. RC10 Worlds Car wing with some large end plates.

If we talk about Neo Vintage - we talk about racing. So I put a LRP Lipo battery in the car. But a Novak XXL reciever and a Cyclone TC Speedo, what powers the Reedy motor. The servo is a Futaba FP S132 H mid size servo, what I often used back in the days.

I like those colours!

I made a new steering rack for better Ackermann. Kimbrough servo saver, Lunsford titanium turnbuckles and front sway bar. I made a front weight from a 5mm piece of brass. This helps alot on carpet tracks to keep the nose down when accelerating and jumping.

The mighty Novak Cyclone TC speedo.

Front sway bar. Easy to make, guys!

Maybe you noticed the Yokomo rim? Here is the reason. Yokomo wheel adapters and 3D printed longer front and rear arms!

The rear arms are 10mm longer, than standard. I also made 3D printed rear hubs to fit metric ball bearings. The universal drive shafts are from Yokomo. Now we have some serious suspension travel!

The front arms are 5mm longer. The position of the C-hub is also 5mm more to the front, what results a little more wheelbase and a better suspension geometry, regarding the roll-center at the front.

I have put all the white 3D printed Shpeways parts for some minutes in hot Coffee. This makes the parts look more, like the original Team Associated Nylon white.

The performance with the new suspension parts is amazing! Much more suspension travel makes a big difference, when it gets bumpy, or to the jumps.

The 3D printed material is surprisingly strong. No break so far!

It´s always important to reduce bump-steer! If you use different angled C-hubs (5-25 degrees as option), you always need to check bump-steer! I use 25 degree hubs and need 4mm shims under the ball stuf of the knuckle.

The longer a-arms. I used the same design, just 10mm longer! The result looks like an original part.

A picture of my old TQ10. I made a special bettery holder to move the saddle pack batteries forward, or rearward for different weight distribution. Schumacher battery clamps. I used some stripes of Lexan and some tape to cover the graphite chassis a little against dirt. The front shocks were stupid long. Ha! Good times!

I build a lot of RC10´s

If you ask, how this particular RC10 drives, it is insane! The re-release RC10 Worlds Car is already a strong Vintage racer. it is made for dirt tracks, but also on high grip carpet tracks it is super fast! With the new suspension arms it is even faster. The jumping is much better and when it goes bumpy, it handles close to modern buggies. I love this chassis! And I never will stop to make new projects from this legendary cars.

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Stefan Göttfert
Stefan Göttfert
Feb 15, 2022

This RC 10 Neo Vintage is my favorite - absolutely fantastic. And of course, the Team Associated RC10 Stealth Car 1985 from Jammin Jay. :-)

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