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Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2023 - The movie

I made a little video from the trip of Team Germany to the Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2023 in the UK! For sure one of the best races I ever did!

A story of 5 Germans, who made a trip to the world´s biggest indoor vintage buggy meeting in the UK.

More than 100 drivers met at the famous MB Models race track!

Funny: I got my first trophy at the beginnng of the race - I won the concours trophy with my Kyosho Ultima :)

The Ultima was pretty fast. But I made too many driving errors and nearly none practice on the track.

The 870C was surprisingly quick. But they put me in the top drivers group. So I was mostly busy to let pass the fast guys, like Craig Dresher, Jamie Booth and many other big names.

After ruining the front end of my Yokomo 870C at the massive barriers of the MB Models race track, I switched to my spare car.

The Yokomo Works 91

And here is the video:

Apart of my not so good performance over the race, it probably was one of the best I ever driven! It was always my dream to race one day in the UK! This dream finally came true.

The UK guys - and I mean ALL of them were extremely friendly to us. I felt very welcome and comfortable! The whole event went smooth and after talking to so many drivers, it was amazing to see the top drivers at the finals! It was spectacular how fast those guys could drive our old cars! We all stood around the track - on tables and chairs - to see all the finals! The atmosphere was tense and absolutely fantastic! Loud cheers and laughing of the crowd for every overtake, or crash of their heroes! And this day everybody was a hero! Just like at the glory old days!

Thanks to MB Models and all members of the organisation team! You made a fantastic job!

See you in 2024!

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