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Oldschool RC Euro Masters 2019 - Prep

Aktualisiert: 24. Jan. 2023

A new vintage RC event in the winter time! my good friend Thomas Peter organized this awesome event and I am looking forward for some decent race action, the international atmosphere and too meet old and new friends.

In racing, development never ends. And so it´s the same story for my vintage Kyoshos - I always try to make them better. The event comes quicker, than expected and there were many things to do. I learned some things from the last VOREM2018 about my cars and now it was time to solve some issues and adjust things.

My little Kyosho fleet. Optima Mid, Optima and Ultima. You know them from my previous posts, but they recieved a little update now.

I put a lot of work in these cars. Hopefully they will survive the upcoming race.

The Optima Mid. No changes, apart of different shock set-up for high grip carpet. A Reedy 10.5T motor is installed.

The Optima. it got new electronics. Now it´s powered, as the other 2 car, with a LRP Flow X speedo and a modern Futaba reciever. If you run 3 different classes in 1 event, it is much more comfortable with modern electronics. I changed the previous short front shocks to long shocks, what I did with the Optima Mid before. The whole front suspension works so much better now. Huge up and down travel. This will increase the overall performance a lot!

The Ultima. It also got new electronics, as the other cars. I added a new rear sway bar and adjusted the shock set-up as well for the EOS high grip carpet in Limburg. There is a Reedy 13.5T installed - to follow the rules of this event.

Because the Ultima is much too light for high grip tracks, I made a block from massive brass. I mounted it in front of the battery. The weight of the block is 230 grams. Plus steel plates under the battery we have a total extra weight of around 350 grams.

The Optima with the new new electronics, new front shock tower with long front shocks. Could be very interesting, how it performes.

Apart of the shocks set-up with heavy shock oil, everything else is same as from the VOREM2018 race.

Long shocks belongs to the front!

The Ultima with the new rear sway bar from 1.3mm piano wire.

The massive brass block in the Ultima chassis.

Here you go! The Kyosho line-up for the upcoming Olschool RC Euro Masters 2019 in Limburg/Netherlands. Looking forward to see some old farts and legends from the 80´s to 90´s. Or just friends who raced hard at that time. I will try to make many photos as possible and make a small race report for you. See you!

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